Get tons iOS installs for your app in Apple Store

How to get many iOS installs for your application? One word of caution: each social media platform has its own terms of service regarding contests, giveaways, and advertising. Be sure you’re never in violation of them while you draw attention to and build loyalty for your app. But don’t just post information and promotions concerning your app to these platforms. Create conversations and engage with your fans. Reply to comments in your app’s voice to increase engagement. Such a relationship will increase word-of-mouth praise of your commitment to users, and increase downloads as a result.

The layout of the iOS 12 App Store will be very similar to the previous version. However, the menu bar will include a You May Have Missed Tab – rather than giving users the full extent of content from the past seven days, the App Store will only showcase the most noteworthy apps from the week. More importantly, iOS 12 enhances the store’s personalized experience by featuring apps that are tailored to individual user preferences.

Here you’ll find all the info you need about App Store Marketing (ASO). First of all, ASO is most key element for any app on the store. ASO defines the existence of your app. Keywords start with ASO, have a look at your own app, and define it with words. Is it a VPN or QR Code Reader app, maybe a Endless Running game. You should start by writing down a full description of the app, which could be used on the app store. Discover even more info on Buy ios installs.

Your description, on the other hand, is where you need to be most strategic about ASO. It works similarly to the meta description tag for a website but isn’t searchable on the app store. So, while you don’t need to pack it with keywords, you do need to be strategic with it. By listing important information, benefits and features, social proof, and a call-to-action, you can greatly affect your ASO. If you’re fortunate enough to have a marketing budget, don’t be too conservative with it. Typical marketing is structured over a few weeks or months. But if you want to get a sharp spike in downloads for your app in a very short time, concentrate all your marketing spending into a small time frame.

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