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Motherhood blog by Marissa Anastasi: Just being there for the tears, talking about feelings, letting them feel and express what they’re experiencing. What a big world to learn and navigate! Strong legs. I can bounce a grumpy baby for hours! Learning to communicate with my daughter through her tantrums. I can work out what’s wrong instead of getting frustrated with her attitude. I’ve found talking to her quietly and calmly like an adult, she responds better than if I get upset too.

Find Perspective. “Most of the concerns I see parents have with their kiddos (whether in infancy or adolescence) is sadly a projection of their own insecurities,” Crowley explains. “When we can be aware of our fears and how often we impose them on our children it allows us to separate ourselves and really see and appreciate who they are and enjoy the process much more,” she continues. “We need to trust that this little person is unfolding just as they should, as opposed to on a timeline we have scripted for them.” Don’t Be Afraid to Ignore Advice. “Everyone will give you advice, solicited or not when you are about to have a baby or have a newborn,” according to Kelly and Perren. “It’s extremely valuable to listen to the experience and perspectives of others, as it can help you form your own opinions, but make sure that you know that what is right for some families may not be right for yours. Let your motherly instinct kick-in and listen to it instead,” they say.

Talk to them, no, REALLY talk. Talk to your child about the things that interest them. If you have learned the language, listened to the music, listen well and have joined them on their social network, you should have plenty to talk about. Don’t say things or ask questions that cause the child to have to defend himself or herself or anything about them such as friends, music and clothing. Then again, if you don’t like something, it is OK to say that you don’t really like it. But do it in a way that is non threatening and non judgmental. Let your child know that they have an opinion and so do you. There will be times when your opinions differ, but it is OK. Discover a few extra info at Motherhood advices.

I remember hearing a person with their fumbly toddler, who was wandering – trying to explore and was constantly being told ‘no,’ ‘not in there,’ ‘no don’t touch that,’ and ‘no stop that.’ It was then I knew I would dread being that parent. I treat my little boy with the respect and manners to which I expect him to treat me, and others. Of course daily he tests my limits, but I’m always looking for a new way to suppress the “no” Mom that sometimes feels she could take over at any moment.

My blog is really about my passions in life and my struggles and it’s probably the same for many people. I feel like I could share a lot of experiences, good and bad and blogging also gives me a platform to share moments in our ever-changing life from babies, young kids to teenagers. There’s a mixture of topics, not just motherhood but lifestyle, house design, fashion, travel. I’m passionate about supporting small businesses, especially local ones and those that are run by mums like myself, as I know first-hand how difficult this is and how much the small shops need local support to survive. If YOU have a small business and would like to collaborate, please contact me…. ALL FOR SMALL!! Find extra details on