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Top custom makeup brushes manufacturer and supplier today? Suprabeauty’s advantage is latex free makeup sponge(polyurethane cosmetic sponge) which are no allergy and good for useing on makeup. We offer 3D shape cosmetics sponge and flat shape makeup sponge, all sponges can be customized with your own shape and print logo on the sponge or with your label on the packaging bag. Please contact with us to get have further discussion about your project. Production line of Disposable makeup applicator is the main one in Suprabeauty. We are proud that our output ability is about 5,000,000 pieces per month. There are 10 machines to produce mascara brush head, lip gloss applicator head and other disposable applicators head, and there are about 10 injection machines for plastic products, it is easily to finish big quantity of applicator handle. See more info at custom makeup brushes. Suprabeauty has been engaged in the production of supra makeup products and cosmetics makeup brush kit for more than 10 years experiences.

Dermatologists recommend not to over-cleanse oily skin, rather go gentle on a cleanser and your skin. If you rigorously use cleansers on your oily skin, you’ll deprive it of its natural protective barrier. Though you want to over-dry your skin with astringent products, do not be so harsh. This may lead to more oil production by your skin as a response. Use mild skin-care products.

“We are seeing some green beauty brands add small percentages of retinol to be able to compete with traditional beauty brands who market retinol for its anti-aging benefits of the skin,” says Jarnot. She cautions expectant mothers and clean beauty devotees to read labels and steer clear of products with synthetic vitamin A, due to the possibility of retinyl palmitate, which should be avoided.

Change bed linen every week! It is best for your bedding to be permanently changed because every night you sleep with your face on the pillow, which must be very clean. Most bacteria move from the material to the face and vice versa, which is why it is good not to exist. In vain do you get the daily treatment if the bacteria on the pillow will reach your face at night when you sleep. It is also good to change the pillow twice a year.

Shantou factory: The advantage of Shantou city is lower labor cost than Shenzhen and famous for plastic products, take advantage of this, we produce disposable items, mascara bottles, lip gloss bottles here. There are 10 machines producing mascara brush head in 24 hours a day, and 5 injection machines producing plastic handle and bottles. And there are 3 production line for assembling and packaging products. Dongguan factory: Take advantage of easy communication and lower labor cost, we set up makeup blender sponge production base in Dongguan. All the material and production machine of our sponge is imported from USA, and introduce the technology of USA, we produce the very good quality sponge with competitive price because of production technology. Sponge can be customized with your own density, shape and size. Please contact with us to get more detail about it. Find additional info at