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Physio services in Preston

Joint problems: Arthritis of any joint can be really debilitating. Manual therapy . Electrotherapy , Acupuncture and Exercise therapy can all be hugely influential in reducing symptoms. Simply gaining advice on Pacing, exercising and more about the condition can help patients cope with ongoing self management. Injuries to the soft tissue in and around the joint can cause significant symptoms. Our physiotherapists are all trained in thorough joint assessment and are able to recognised suspected bony injury, cartilage tears, ligament tears and strains etc. If we feel there are indications for further investigation. we will direct the patient accordingly with a supporting letter.

What people think? Having got of my horse and walking like a 90 year old, it took the physio 1 session to find the problem, after listening and checking out my hip joint , they contact my GP and a specialist to have me sorted and waking/sitting and moving without the limp and crunching and creaking They know there stuff, gentle physio whilst I waited for treatment and post operative care was superb, can’t recommend them enough , very courteous and great listeners.

Manual Therapy: At Leyland Physiotherapy we focus on providing ‘hands-on’ therapy as we find this beneficial in reducing myofascial and joint restrictions, thereby helping to restore normal movement patterns. Techniques include massage, myofascial release, mobilisations, manipulation and taping for movement facilitation. Electrotherapy: Electrotherapy is a form of medical treatment which uses small electrical impulses applied to the affected area of the body. This accelerates tissue repair, reduces swelling and pain, and stimulates nerves and muscles, We have state of the art equipment on site including Laser, interferential, ultrasound, shockwave and electroacupuncture. Read more info at Physio Near Me.

Our team of physiotherapists are ready to help… At Leyland Physiotherapy, we’re passionate about pain management. Regardless of whether you’re a professional athlete, simply enjoy a walk at the weekend or anything in between, we’re motivated to help you achieve your fitness objectives. We take a proactive and highly professional approach to achieve a better result for you.

All of our physiotherapists are Chartered. This means we are governed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy thereby meeting professional standards and adhering to the CSP’s Rules of Professional Conduct. All physios are also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, an independent, UK-wide health regulator. Patients can self-refer to Leyland Physiotherapy for private physiotherapy without a GP referral. We are registered with all major insurance companies including BUPA, AXA/PPP, AVIVA, WPA, and Vitality Health and are accredited physiotherapy providers to Nuffield Health and Rehab Works. See extra info at